Bayesian Graph Networks and Crack Localization

Context In Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), we want to automatically detect defects/damages on a structure in order to perform interventions. Usually the focus of SHM is the detection of changes in the modal characteristics of structures (i.e. eigenmodes and eigenvalues of the system). However, in order for a damage to... [Read More]

Literature Graph Navigation using Pre-trained Transformers

Literature Clustering for Workshop I co-organized some small workshops in my department (Civil and Environmental Engineering) called “DSML@DBAUG” where researchers (Ph.D. and Post Docs) from all chairs of the civil and geomatic engineering at ETH shortly presented their work. Since this was happening during the pandemic, everything happened through zoom.... [Read More]

Single-channel localization with Deep CNNs

or what multiplexers don't want you to know

Motivation/context I was interested in figuring out an ultra-cheap way to transform my IKEA table to a touch screen or some sort of user interface. Figuring out the position of the table where a tap happens is the first step to doing that. This is the problem of acoustic source... [Read More]